Austar Coal Mine Austar Coal Mine


Licences & Approvals


Austar has been in operation since 1916 and has numerous approvals, some gained prior to current development and approval legislation. The types of approvals are outlined in this section and attached below. 

major project approvals

The principle approvals under the New South Wales State Significant developments are Development Approval 29/95 for the Bellbird South and Stage 2 areas and Project Approval 08_0111 for the Stage 3 mining area. These approvals are linked below. The Pit Top and Coal Handling and Preparation Plant areas are covered under pre-existing Cessnock City Council approvals, which can be provided upon request.

For previous approvals or more information on major project approvals, see the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Major Project Register.

For the Environmental Assessments associated with each major approval, see the Environmental Impact statements page, linked below.

environmental protection licence

Austar is required to have an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) under the NSW Protection of the Environment (Operations) Act 1977 (POEO Act). A link to EPL 416 is shown below. For further information on Environmental Protection Licences, see the NSW EPA Public Registers page. 

mining authorities 

Austar have a number of Mining leases granted under the NSW Mining Act. Links to each current lease are found below.

subsidiary approvals

There are a number of operational plans that must be completed prior to commencement of mining in specific areas. The approvals for these plans are attached below. The plans are available on the Environment and Operations page.

environmental impact assessments

To facilitate Major Projects Approvals, Environmental Impact Assessments are undertaken. The Environmental Assessments for Bellbird South and Stage 3 areas, including all modifications, are included below.